Customising Your Sofa

Step One: Design

Choosing a sofa design can be as individual as you are. Do you choose a classic design or contemporary one? This will depend in part on your lifestyle and the purpose of your purchase.  If you have children and pets, this can influence your decision as a contemporary sofa may look good, but can the design withstand heavy usage?

Step Two: Fabric

Another important factor to consider when you buy a sofa, is the fabric selection. There are over 50 fabrics to choose from, but if you narrow it down to fit your circumstances based on durability, feel, lifestyle, and colour, you can start to eliminate your selection. If you have a family and/or pets it may be best not to buy a lighter colour if you can help it, however this will depend on the whether it is a durable and easy to clean fabric like one made with a microfibre.

Step Three: Configuration and Size

Measuring your space will help you to decide on the type of sofa to buy. A big sofa may be tempting to purchase, but if your living space is too small to accommodate it, this can be counterproductive. 

Buying two separate sofas, or an armchair combined with a sofa bed, a corner sofa with a chaise lounge, or a recliner, may be a better solution for you. Sofas come in many sizes and shapes that are just as luxurious and comfortable as a larger one. 

Step Four: Choose a Leg

There is wide range of high-quality sofa legs to choose from, so you can either buy them for a new sofa, or replace existing legs or feet with a contemporary design to help you customise your seating.

Armchairs bought separately with a chrome or wooden base, can add a contemporary feel to your home, office, or other space. Some also have the ability to add a rocking and rotating motion.

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