Leather Sofa Care

If you have a new or old leather sofa, you will need to give it some care and attention, this will help it last for a lifetime and keep it looking good for longer.  Knowing which type of leather your sofa is made from, will help you to identify the right cleaning treatment that is suitable for your leather sofa.  There are two types of leather:

Protected leather

Semi-aniline is the most common type of protected leather used in sofa upholstery. Treated with aniline dye, with a layer of pigment protection, to toughen the leather, with more stain-resistance and added protection against daily wear and tear of daily use, with a glossier appearance.

Unprotected leather

Aniline leather is softer with less pigment protection, has a more natural look but may not be as durable or stain-resistant as protected leather.

We also recommend to always check your labels on your clothing and garments for further information.

Follow this cleaning guide to help you maintain your leather upholstery without the need to spend a small fortune on expensive specialist cleaning treatments:

Take a soft microfibre cloth to brush off any dirt, hair, or dust from the leather upholstery. You can also use a soft brush attachment to vacuum between any gaps.

Using a damp cloth wipe the leather with distilled water, using chlorine water will eventually damage the leather over time, so it is best to avoid using it.

Every month or so use a specialised leather care kit, which can be safely used on all leathers, including aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented.

Always leave the sofa to dry naturally in an airy room and try not sit on it until it is dry otherwise you can crease the leather.

You should also be aware that dye from clothing, garments and wet cushions can transfer onto the leather, which is generally more noticeable on whites, cream, and ivory leather.

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