Reupholster your old Sofa

If you have a dirty, tired looking, but comfortable sofa that your friends and family tell you to throw out and buy a new one instead, but for one reason or another you simply cannot bear to do it, the alternative could be to have it reupholstered instead.

When weighing up whether or not to reupholster your old sofa or replace it with a new one, consider whether a new sofa would be more cost effective than reupholstering your current sofa, then again would a new sofa last as long as your existing piece of furniture, especially if it is an older, good quality sofa that has sentimental value, just like your grandparents would have owned?


Depending on the type of fabric used and the specialist work needed, reupholstering your old sofa can sometimes cost more than it would to simply buy a new one.  For example, if your couch needs a full makeover that includes stuffing, repairs, reupholstery, new fabric fitted and the foundation strengthening it could cost you twice or three times more than it would to just throw it out.

The amount of fabric and special reupholstery work to be done, can greatly increase labour costs.


If your sofa is sturdy with a good quality frame, it can de definitely worth trying to restore it to its former glory. Modern frames are made with lower standards than their predecessors and in recent years they have been made using woods previously unsuitable for furniture frames, such as wood composites fixed with staples, that loosen with wear and tear instead of securing them hardwood and screws.

When concluding to invest in the renewal of an old sofa and judging whether or not it is worth the cost, will depend entirely on the sound quality of the frame and the sentimental value placed upon it.

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