What should I consider when buying a sofa?

Taking time to do a little research before purchasing a good quality sofa, can help you to save time and money in the long run.  Always measure your room and the distance between other items of furniture assuming you want to keep them, before measuring the space left to accommodate a new sofa. Think about how you will be utilising your new sofa, do you have a lot of friends and family to entertain? Or will you be using it as a lounger while you watch TV?

Below are some tips to help you choose the perfect sofa for your home or office.


Small rooms

It may be tempting to treat yourself with a sprawling, luxury looking sofa when you are in a showroom, but if you do not measure your area properly, you may find you do not have the space for your other items of furniture, for instance a coffee table.

Try to buy a sofa with low or no arms to make a small room appear bigger and airier.

Big rooms

If you have a large living room, you may still be tempted to buy a big sofa, but you need to decide how much of the area you want to have taken up by a sofa.  Ask yourself questions such as, will my dining room table and chairs fit in comfortably if you buy a larger sofa?


Another factor you need to consider before buying a sofa is the daily practicalities.  Do you have small children or pets? If so, you may need to purchase fabrics such as distressed leather and microfiber that are easy to clean, comfortable and look stylish.

Other questions to consider are whether it will need a multiuse purpose such as a sofa bed for friends or family to stay over, will you need extra storage space?


Try to purchase a bed made of hardwood and screws as they tend to last longer than pine wood.

If you are looking to purchase a great sofa, there are many
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